Monday Motivation: Go get what you want

Photo credit: @lucasalandra

The more time passes by the more I want to appreciate each moment of it. We’re only getting older. Things are only changing in a way that wouldn’t be the same again.

Maybe we don’t get to understand some life lessons well until experience them on our own. I’ve heard enough people saying “Life is too fragile. Love your loved ones before it’s too late. Tell them you love them often”. It’s not like I had been careless. It’s maybe somehow about how life can change in a moment. How life is so unpredictable sometimes.

What I’ve been realizing recently is we’re the ones and we’re the reason for holding us back from what you to do in life and start your dream life. It’s funny how we spend so much time worrying about others who don’t give even a tiny little shit. They don’t care about us. We all have our own thing going on. Who has time to judge your decisions? Maybe it’s us who have so much time to wonder what are people gonna say about our decision?

Here is a tip. How about stop wondering, doubting, overthinking, asking for approval, and just take a first step?

As I said, you’re only getting older. Do what you want to while you’re young and while you can. You don’t need anyone’s approval to do something. Start living the life you’ve always wanted. There are a hundred excuses why you can’t make it happen. But there are a million reasons why you can do it. And you can do that. Stop focusing on your excuses. Start looking at all the opportunities.

It’s not easy as it sounds. Yes. It takes persistence, patience, courage, discipline, and sacrifices to build your dream life or whatever you want out of life. But it will be worth it. Nothing comes easy.

It will be a beautiful journey as long as you enjoy the process and growth along the way.

Life is not to enjoy when you reach a certain point. It is to be enjoyed every moment. Learn to be happy even if you’re in pain. Enjoy moments when you’re going through some hardships. Maybe that’s what life is all about, to my point of view currently.

Do not lose hope. It’s only gonna be better from here. You will be blessed with things that you deserve. As long as you don’t give up on yourself, the universe will always have your back.

Sometimes you might need some motivation to get started. However, most of the time you might just need habits and disciplines to get you going all the time. Your vision and goals should be bigger than your excuses. Imagine how you would go so far if you are always on track. Don’t let your emotion get to you much. Show up every day and make that happen.

It’s all possible. Why do you make it complicated? If you want something, go get it. Go get them. Whatever it is.

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